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Initially PCBs were designed manually by creating a photomask on a clear mylar sheet, usually at two or four times the true size. Starting from the schematic diagram the component pin pads were laid out on the mylar and then traces were routed to connect the pads. If you have many questions of PCB Design, please come here!

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Key points of high-speed PCB design

The concept of high-speed PCB is only derived from a very vague comparison in the engineer's mind. Years ago, when digital circuits were just emerging, the rate was very low, and PCBs could basically ... (See More)

Luis Fernando
2019-02-21 17:20:40
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A comparison of Multiple PCB design and EDA simulation tools

Evaluating the pros and cons of EDA design tools is a more controversial topic, and it is difficult to draw an authoritative conclusion. Because each tool has its own characteristics, corresponding to... (See More)

2019-02-19 13:52:39
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How to Use Allegro to Design Multi-layer PCBs?

The pcb multi-layer board is a special kind of printed board. Its existence "location" is generally special. For example, there will be pcb multi-layer board in the circuit board. This kind of multi-... (See More)

Jukka Ainali
2019-01-29 16:14:08
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Impedance Matching in High Speed PCB Design

The transmission at this time does not cause reflection, which means that all energy is absorbed by the load. Otherwise, there is energy loss in the transmission. In high-speed PCB design, the matchin... (See More)

2019-01-29 15:12:52
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Brief Talk About Heat Dissipation Of Aluminum PCB and Its Design Method

In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, aluminum PCB and some high-power IC are widely used in LED trace design. Aluminum PCB consists of copper layer, thermally conductive dielectric layer an... (See More)

Tamir Asaraf
2019-01-29 11:00:41
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Some Notes about PCB Panel

1. The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB panel should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the PCB panel will not be deformed after being fixed on the fixture;   2. PCB board... (See More)

Michele Deligio
2019-01-28 09:51:52
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Some Common Issues Identified During PCB Design Process

For designers or hobbyists, no matter what kind of software do you use for the design work, there are some common issues that may occur during the design process, Today in this essay, we will talk abo... (See More)

Ibrahim ARI
2019-01-25 14:34:24
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PCB Routing Principles

In PCB design, wiring is an important step to complete product design. It can be said that the previous preparatory work is done for it. In the whole PCB, wiring design process is the most limited, th... (See More)

Shahzad Rafiq
2019-01-23 17:39:54
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Four Steps to Help Ensure Successful PCB Board Design

A printed circuit board (PCB) is the body of an electronic product, and the performance, life, and reliability of the final product depend on the electrical system it constitutes. Products that have h... (See More)

2019-01-23 17:14:40
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How to Set Appropraite Hole Size During PCB Design

Preparation for PCB Design   1. Accurate schematic diagram. Includes complete schematic and netlist, formal BOM with component encoding. The PCB package of all devices in the schema... (See More)

Sotiris Katsis
2019-01-23 16:01:25
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