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With the development of modern technology, PCBs are widely used, and with the cost down of electronic equipment, everyone wants cheaper and cheaper prices. The heavy cost pressure can also be felt in the PCB industry. Of course when making the PCB boards, we can find a lot of ways to reduce the cost, like changing the base material, changing the material of solder mask...

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copper foil makes pcb price increase

Copper foil is used to produce CCL and Lithium batteries. The global copper foil productivity is limited, and more copper foil are used for Lithium batteries with the increasing demand from electrical... (See More)

Luis Fernando
2017-06-22 11:30:15
2 answers

Basic techniques for pcb cost reduction

As I know, the PCB manufacturing costs depend on several factors in design. If you are a newbie in the PCB field, maybe your design is not optimized from a cost standpoint. The majority of beginners m... (See More)

Anders Appelgren
2017-06-02 10:21:13
Luis Moreno
2017-06-02 11:42:12
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To make super cheap PCB

All the time,I am looking for a place to make super cheap PCB. Of course,I want the boards quality is fine,too. The boards can be made anywhere in the world, all I care is the PCB manufacturers sh... (See More)

Mr. Atok Purnomo
2017-05-23 11:18:26
Eduardo Gonzalez
2017-05-24 09:38:12
0 answers

Semiconductor components prices tide spread

Semiconductor components prices tide spread; patch resistor manufacturers begin to raise prices. Passive components prices have been raised, attached is written notice  issued by the manufacturer... (See More)

2017-05-02 17:11:02
0 answers

PCB price is determined by many factors

PCB cost is complex to calculate,because every piece of PCB is customized by different customers. 1.Different difficulty PCB final price will be affected by different materials and production ... (See More)

Enrico Gensale
2017-04-25 11:15:53
1 answers

Factors affecting PCB board prices

Factors affecting PCB board prices: 1. PCB line Depending on the PCB line, if tight line is less than 4/4mm, the price will be calculated again. 2. BGA If there is BGA in a boa... (See More)

Eduardo Gonzalez
2017-04-22 11:44:51
2017-04-24 11:16:38
2 answers

Easy PCB quote

There are inevitable inner factors affecting PCB prices. Here is some information for reference but you can contact your manufacturer for details. PCB offer: prototy... (See More)

2017-04-21 11:51:09
Nick Jay
2017-04-25 10:07:53
2 answers

How to calculate the PCB price by yourself?

To calculate the price of PCB board, you need to learn some factors that will influence prices. 1. Customer quality acceptance criteria Commonly used criteria: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard,... (See More)

2017-04-20 13:51:06
Nick Jay
2017-04-25 10:09:23
3 answers

Know your PCB board price without quote system?

You know what? PCB board price can be got even without system! Firstly,you need to learn some factors that will influence prices.   1.Material Take 2 layers board for example, differe... (See More)

2017-04-20 10:49:54
Nick Jay
2017-04-25 10:10:29
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cost reduction

give some hints to reduce smt pcb assembly cost . (See More)

Mohamed Amine Trigui
2017-04-19 17:49:58
2017-04-20 11:11:38
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